...I have never recovered.


Found on a USB stick left on the ground in a Newark NJ bus terminal.

The stick contained a variety of still and looping images including this video file named 8/5/14. 
The origins of the stick, or the people shown in the images are not known at this time.


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Booker T & The MG's

—Ain't It

Booker T & The MG’s - Ain’t It

Big Star

—Candy Says

Big Star - Candy Says (Velvet Underground)

from Live -March 31, 1974; Performance Center; Cambridge, MA

Rising Sons

—Candy Man

The Rising Sons - Candy Man


—Three King Fishers


Donovan - Three King Fishers

Donovan got a bit cheated in terms of being credited as an innovator in Britain.  This album, recorded in 1966, was held up and not released in the UK until 1967, by which time Donovan looked more like a bandwagon jumper.

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Morning jamz with coffee

Morning jamz with coffee