When I was in 4th grade someone accidentally spit in my mouth, I have never recovered.


Song of the Day: Marvin Gaye’s “Can I Get A Witness”
Granted, Marvin Gaye is clearly lip-syncing in this appearance on British TV show Ready Steady Go. But his interactions with the clearly thrilled teenagers, and the way the camera follows leads him through throngs of kids is pretty amazing. Plus, you gotta dig that white tuxedo. Damn, Marvin Gaye.

so ready for a road trip to North Carolina tomorrow

Famous L Renfroe


Famous L Renfroe - Introduction


Madlib, one of hip-hop’s most inventive and prolific producers has released a series of instrumental beat records under the series name Beat Konducta, and each installment of the series has focused on a particular genre or particular area of interest — Movie Scenes is pretty self-explanatory; Beat Konducta in India had Madlib focusing on found sounds from Bollywood and other Indian genres; A Tribute to J. Dilla focused on the work of the beloved producer J. DillaBeat Konducta in Africa focused on the African rock scene of the 70s with an intense focus on Zambia’s Zamrock; and interestingly enough, the fifth installment, Rock Konducta focus on garage rock — but in a global sense across the 60s through 80s and includes American psychedelia to Germany’s Krautrock to acid-soaked Spanish prog to synthy, early-80s oddities. 

Egon, created a mixtape based on Madlib’s Rock Konducta, featuring some of the same records and oddities that Madlib came across including a track by a bunch of Dusseldorf 20 somethings, who recorded a Krautrock album in a former Nazi bomb shelter; several bands with pop aspirations, who recorded something heavier and more awesome than they ever expected; and other oddities that are psychedelic and strangely funky. 

Mountain Bike

—Today Your Love (The Ramones)

Mountain Bike - Today Your Love (The Ramones)

The Cougars

—22 - I Wish It Would Rain

The Cougars - I Wish It Would Rain

from Jamaica & Toronto: Soul, Funk & Reggae : 1967-1974


Françoise Hardy - "Il est trop loin" (Ma jeunesse fout le camp…, 1967)


—Cherry Bomb


Hello daddy, hello mom

ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb

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Burial Teens

—Wash Your Hands And Feet


burial teens - wash your hands and feet